Scanned PDF to TXT Tool V1.0

This application with graphical user interface is a good quality computer software that allows the transformation of a scanned PDF into text file.

How does it work?

  • After the user imports the PDF that he wants to convert in text, the application takes it page by page and saves them in JPG format.
  • In the next step, every page is loaded into the software to be processed. Here, “tesseract” intervenes, an OCR (Optical character recognition) that tries to transform an image into characters, through optical recognition.
  • After each page is processed, the resulting text is saved in a text file that can be made available to the user.


  • After importing the PDF, the number of pages of the file will be displayed on the screen, as well as the maximum processing time.
  • Users have a graphical application capable of displaying text extracted from the PDF. You can also search for characters / words in the whole text, which will display the corresponding line.
  • If this method doesn’t suit the user’s taste, by pressing the “Open file” button, the .txt file is opened in notepad.

*Un email cu instrucțiunile necesare va fi trimis către dumneavoastră.

**Varianta de producție va fi gata la finele anului 2021.

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